Which Web Hosting Companies Are Worth Your Money?

I’m a web host and I have to share my story.

In March, a friend of mine told me about a Web hosting company that he had heard was offering huge discounts on web hosting.

He was worried and asked me to tell him more about this company, which was now offering discounts on everything including domain names.

My friend was skeptical about the company.

The company was not reputable, he said, and he thought I might be a fraud.

I decided to call the company to ask questions.

The phone rang and my friend’s friend on the other end of the line answered with a smiley face.

He told me the company was very reputable and I should call them back later.

I called them and asked for a quote.

I told the guy the discount would be $150 per month and he promised to call back and check.

I went ahead and called the company and asked them to check their records.

The guy on the phone said the price was $200 per month.

I said that was crazy.

I asked if I could get a discount, which he told me I could, and we started discussing the price.

It turned out the company’s records were broken and the discount was $350 per month, which seemed like a good deal.

I started calling my friends and colleagues.

Some of them were skeptical and said the company may be a scam.

Others were supportive.

I was shocked to learn that there was no scam.

They said the discounts were legit and the company had good reputations.

But my friends were confused and concerned.

How can a Web host company be offering a $300 discount on domain names?

I decided I would call the Web host to ask about the discount.

I found out the discount is a scam, so I told them.

They told me it was a mistake and that the company is a fraud, so the discount will not be granted.

The Web host told me to call again and give them the price again.

I did that and they said they will refund the price to me.

I then called the other company, this time asking for the discount, but this time I got the same reply.

So, the Web hosting service did not give me the discount and they would not refund me the price, so it seems the Web hosts are a scam and their discounts are fake.

So the Web Hosts is a Scam, So What Do I Do?

You can call them at 1-888-732-7248.

Or you can call the number on the website, which is 1-877-832-7879.

You can then call them to let them know what they should do next.

But before doing that, be sure to read the company statement.

Here are the answers from the Webhosts website.

The discount was not a valid offer to customers.

The price on the WebHosts site was incorrect.

There was no fraud or misrepresentation of a Web Host or the company on the web site.

The information provided is incorrect, misleading, or inaccurate.

This Web Host is a fraudulent Web Host that has been misrepresented.

A false or misleading information is false and misleading.

The prices shown are the actual prices that are currently available at the Web website, not the discounted prices that were promised to you.

This is not an offer for you to purchase the product and you do not have to sign up for it to receive the discount if you don’t need it.

To contact this Web Host for any questions or concerns regarding this Web Site, call 1-800-848-2725.

This does not include phone calls.

The website also has a disclaimer stating that if you decide to make a purchase, you should contact the Web site owner first.

And the disclaimer is pretty clear: If you are buying something and you don\’t want to be charged for it, call the web host to let the web hosting company know what you need and what you don\t want.

The disclaimer is in the following format: Thank you for visiting this Web site.

We are unable to offer you the discounts or discounts on this Web Service.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

If you choose to make this purchase, please be aware that we have a very limited inventory of Web Host products and that this inventory may change without notice.

If we cannot find the product you are looking for, please let us know and we will gladly make it available for you.

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