India gets 4G broadband for only Rs 2,000 per month

India has agreed to provide 4G connectivity to more than two crore people for a mere Rs 2.50 per month, the telecom regulator said.

The agreement is one of the biggest in the world to get broadband to India.

It is also the first time India has offered 4G services to a large number of people in a single deal.

The deal comes at a time when the country is also trying to bring down its data charges to reduce its reliance on foreign carriers and to encourage more digital activity.

The deal comes in the backdrop of a surge in data usage, as the country gears up for the annual March-April fiscal, when more than half of all households will have access to 4G networks. 

With more people accessing the internet at home, it has become a key focus for the government to keep pace with demand. 

The government has already announced the launch of 1G, the next phase of the government’s 4G network rollout, which will begin by 2019.

It aims to cover 3.5 billion Indians by 2020.

In an earlier announcement, the government said it will give the first subsidy of Rs 500 per month to people who want to have internet access at home.

The subsidy will be rolled out over a 12-month period from April 2019.

The first 500 people will get it from April 1.

The move was part of the plan to increase data access and the government has set a target of covering 500 million people by 2020, with 2 billion of them having access to a mobile data plan by 2020 with the rest using a fixed wireless plan.

The first phase of 4G will cost Rs 4,000 ($800) a month.

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