Ireland Web Hosting Gets New GSI web hosting for $9,500

A new GSI Web hosting service, with a price tag of $9.50 per month, is now available.

GSI is a Dublin-based provider of hosting for large organizations, with offices in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

Gsi offers a range of products including hosting for small to medium businesses, corporate applications, and mobile applications.

Its Web hosting platform allows users to store their applications on an Amazon S3 bucket, which they can then access from anywhere in the world.

The company claims it can save the organization an additional $50,000 annually by using its GSI service.

GSF is Ireland’s first web hosting company, according to its founder, Alan Gaffney.

Gsf’s services are also compatible with Google’s cloud services.

As of this writing, GSF offers a Web hosting solution that runs on the Google Cloud Platform and can be used for both private and public sites.

The new Web hosting offer is available in Ireland, with the GSI pricing starting at €9.49 per month.

GSDG is a new web hosting service that allows users access to an Amazon Web Services S3 storage bucket.

The GSD Web hosting offering will offer a price of €6.99 per month on top of the GSF’s existing pricing of €9 per month for a Web server.

The two companies said that customers will receive two months of GSD cloud hosting.

“This new service offers more flexibility for companies with multiple sites, or with limited storage space available,” said GSF chief executive John Cavanagh.

GSP, founded in 2003, offers a variety of Web hosting solutions, including a Cloud Hosting offering that can be installed on a web server.

It offers a one-year trial period, which allows users the opportunity to try out its service.

For a one year period, users are able to upgrade to a monthly subscription.

“We have an incredible team of highly qualified people who are dedicated to delivering the best Web hosting for customers and we look forward to continuing to deliver the best services,” said Peter Larkin, CEO of GSP.

The Irish companies offer GSF a Web hosted hosting solution.

The New Zealand company will also offer a new Web hosted offering to customers, the company said.

The announcement came just a day after Ireland’s Commerce Minister Shane Ross announced that he was creating a new government Web hosting and cloud computing platform.

Ross is also the country’s new Chief Information Officer, a role that was created in June to help the government better connect with the public.

Ross has also said that he is seeking to bring the country closer to a national IT plan.

“Ireland is a leader in cloud computing, with an excellent infrastructure,” Ross said in a statement.

“I am looking forward to bringing Ireland’s leading IT company, GSI, to the Government of Ireland and the UK Government to help build a National Government Cloud Computing strategy that delivers on its promise of national security, public safety, and the economy.

The Government of the United Kingdom is in the process of selecting a provider of cloud computing services and I look forward the opportunity of working with GSI on the next phase of its plan to build a strong, efficient cloud infrastructure and a secure public cloud.”

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