When is hosting my own website not a good idea?

AUSTRALIA is facing a rise in online copyright infringement, with more people uploading material without permission than ever before.

The Federal Government has announced it will introduce a new law to ban hosting companies from charging a fee for the right to host their own websites, and it’s also banning online service providers from offering any sort of “zero rating” service to sites.

“Hosting services should not be used to illegally upload content,” Attorney-General George Brandis said in a statement.

“The new laws are an important step to stop copyright infringement and protect Australian consumers from the risk of unlawful copyright infringement.”

Mr Brandis has announced a $20 million reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of copyright infringers, and a $1 million reward would be offered for information leading to the conviction of an individual or company for copyright infringement.

“I am pleased to announce a $5 million reward, which is a significant increase from the $1million reward previously offered,” Mr Brandis wrote.

“This is part of our efforts to combat online copyright infringements, and the $5million reward will go towards helping victims of copyright infringement,” he said.

“All Australians, regardless of where they live, can expect to face copyright infringement charges if they share their home with a service provider that is facilitating copyright infringement or otherwise facilitating copyright infringing activity.”

If you believe you are being the victim of copyright infringing activities, please contact Crime Stoppers.

“The Government has previously offered $1,000 for information on people or organisations that facilitate copyright infringement via social media, and $5,000 was offered to those who assist police with investigations into suspected copyright infringement offences.”

We will not tolerate anyone who takes advantage of victims of online copyright violations to commit copyright infringement in Australia,” Mr George Brandas said in his statement.

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