Who is ‘The Trump Supporter’: What Does It Mean to Be a Republican?

With Trump’s election and the Republican Party’s ascension to control of Congress, many Americans are finding their priorities shifting away from their traditional party.

What happens when a party’s leaders decide that the American people are now better served by a more diverse, tolerant, and tolerant America?

Here are five signs that the conservative web hosts are beginning to change.


Republicans are finding more conservative sites.

The web hosts that have embraced Trump’s rhetoric on immigration and religious liberty have been quietly shifting away, as they look for a place to put their own views.

They are now publishing a mix of conservative views and progressive ones.

“We have been very proactive about being the home for conservative content,” says Matt Stitt, founder and president of conservative webhost W3Tech.

“The Republican Party is in a bit of a flux right now.

They’ve been very aggressive on immigration, very aggressive to build walls, but they’ve also been very hesitant to talk about gun control.”

And as Trump’s presidency continues, that dynamic may shift.

Trump is not just a conservative; he is a bigot, sexist, xenophobic, misogynist, racist, anti-Semite, and anti-Semitic, Stitt says.

The right wing is now trying to create a safe space for the alt-right, or more accurately, the white nationalist movement.

“They’re very much at odds with each other and with mainstream conservatism,” he says.

Stitt believes the alt right is “very much a backlash to the way the party was run for years under the Obama administration.”

Trump has not been averse to attacking liberals, but he has not called them “liberal,” and the alt lite is more willing to speak out against Trump than its more mainstream counterparts.

Trump has also made a concerted effort to get the word out on social media and by talking to conservative politicians.

“If they’re trying to keep Trump in office, they’re going to have to change,” Stitt warns.

“Trump is a polarizing figure, and there’s going to be a push for people to talk to one another and engage in political debate.”


Republican politicians are starting to embrace Trump.

After years of being shunned by the party’s establishment, Republicans are now embracing Trump.

In February, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told conservative radio host Steve Deace that the country needs to rally around the president.

“I think people are realizing that we need to unite,” he said.

“This country is going to need this president.

And we’re going be together for the long haul.”

In April, Republican Senator Mike Lee told a conservative audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference that Trump “is not a fascist or a racist, or a bigot.

He is a leader who has the best chance of keeping the American dream alive.”

Lee said he was “disappointed” that Trump was not included in the 2020 Republican Party platform.

“In the past, it was hard for me to support a person who I didn’t agree with,” Lee told the crowd.

“But with Donald Trump, I can support him because he’s the one who’s standing up for the people, and I’m supporting him because of what he represents.

I support him not because he is someone I’m against, but because he represents the people and what they believe in.”


Some conservative websites are starting their own conservative political organizations.

The internet hosts are taking the next step in their conservative mission by forming their own political action committees, or PACs, and supporting them with advertising.

The websites have created conservative PACs for governors, mayors, and members of Congress.

They’re also creating new PACs for state legislators, state senators, and even the city council.

“What we’re doing is creating new political entities that have the potential to have a significant impact on the country,” Stit says.

“You can’t build a new party overnight.

You can’t have a party without having a grassroots movement.

There’s going be some friction in building new political organizations, but there’s a lot of potential to create new political structures that can be successful.”


A new generation of conservative websites is taking on progressive sites.

Many conservative web sites are starting up new sites aimed at younger audiences.

“A lot of these young people don’t watch cable television, don’t read the papers, and don’t have access to the internet,” Stitter says.

As they grow older, they may be more open to conservative perspectives and political action.

“There’s a generation that’s been exposed to more progressive viewpoints,” Stitters says.

For example, the site Political Censorship was founded by 18-year-old Dylan Scott.

“At the end of the day, we’re all looking for answers,” he tells National Geographic.

“Our generation is looking for solutions, and we want to find solutions that aren’t just going to hurt us.

We’re not going to win this election, but we want answers.”


A conservative website

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