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The web hosting company BlueHost, which provides hosting for a wide range of platforms including WordPress, Drupal,, Joomla!, Zendesk, and many others, has raised $5.4 million to expand its services in Israel and the US, the company said. 

BlueHost has a network of over 1,000 web hosting companies, which it said have been “highly supportive of the growth of the Israeli market.” 

The company said that it plans to expand the service in Israel to provide additional services to the country’s startups and small businesses. 

In its blog post, BlueHost said it will continue to offer support services for its clients in Israel through BlueHost Reseller Services. 

“We have a network that includes over 1.2 million customers in Israel, and we are happy to continue supporting our customers in their quest for success,” the company wrote. 

According to the blog post from BlueHost’s US arm, the $5 million investment will help to accelerate the expansion of BlueHost services in the US. 

 “The acquisition of Bluehost will enable us to expand our presence in the United States and further accelerate our expansion into Israel,” BlueHost CEO Andrew Roper said in the blog. 

BlueHost is one of the largest and fastest growing web hosting providers in the world. 

The US-based company has more than 60,000 customers, and has about 10% of the market share in the online hosting market. 

It was founded in 1995 by Aaron Levitt, a former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton. 

Levitt also has experience working with startups and building online businesses.

The company was founded by Levitt and Aaron Levit, and employs nearly 100 people in the Tel Aviv area. 

During the election campaign, Bluehost had been targeted by the anti-Trump “alt-right” movement. 

Earlier this year, Trump said that he would move the company to the US after Levitt announced that he had been fired. 

After the election, Trump claimed that he is moving BlueHost to Washington, DC, in order to stop the spread of “fake news”. 

The Trump administration has also announced that it would be moving Bluehost to a new headquarters in Maryland. 

A spokesperson for BlueHost confirmed the acquisition, and said that the company will continue offering services to its customers in the U.S. The US-born Levitt has a strong track record of delivering successful web hosting and online businesses to a diverse and expanding US market.

The Jerusalem Post

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