Hosting companies can charge you for hosting services with online billing, lawsuit claims

The host of an online video service is claiming in a lawsuit that the companies behind it don’t have to pay any commission for their hosting services.

The suit, filed Monday in California state court, claims that in addition to the hosting charges, a variety of charges, including hosting, storage, and administration fees, have been added to the bills.

In the lawsuit, Gigi-Hosting says that some companies, including Newtek and Spark, have charge companies a fee that ranges from $25 to $500.

Gigi hosts video files on its site, while Spark hosts videos on its YouTube site.

Gigi claims that some charges include the cost of running the hosting service, including running the servers, the billing and the online account management, among other costs.

Gigi also says that other charges include storage costs, and the hosting fee for the hosting of videos.

The host claims that this is in addition.

charges that Gigi is also charged to cover the cost to keep the hosting servers running and for all of the other things that the hosting companies do for the videos.

Newtek says it charges no fees to host videos, and that the host charges the host fees for the video hosting service.

Spark charges a fee for hosting, but Spark says that the company only charges fees to Newtek.

The lawsuit also says Spark charges Gigi $50 per month to host its Web site and for the services that it provides.

Newtok and Spark also say they are not responsible for the cost associated with hosting videos.

The lawsuit seeks damages and for an injunction that would prohibit Newtek from charging any fee for its hosting services, as well as for the fees and other charges.

Newttok said in a statement that it is “disappointed” that a host of its video hosting business is seeking damages for the charges that it says it’s paying.

It said it is aware of the claims in the lawsuit and has not been served with any evidence that the charges are accurate.

The video hosting company says that it has never been charged for the host’s hosting services and that it can only provide hosting services to Newttok for a fixed fee, which includes the host fee.

The company said it does not charge for any additional hosting services that Gigiproduct, a host and video hosting provider, can provide.

The video hosting companies dispute the claims, and Gigiprect has not yet responded to a request for comment.

In a statement, Newtek said that it was not aware of any other hosts who charge Gigi hosting for services it does for Gigi.

Newton said it had no further comment on the lawsuit.

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