New York City web hosting company to build $200M business in the New York area

New York’s first and only web hosting business is going public.

It’s called Web Hosting, Inc. and it’s a virtual company that promises to help developers, web designers and web hosts get their websites up and running faster, using its own servers and cloud-based storage.

The company, which is now valued at $200 million, is going to help its customers build a better web.

The startup has a lot going for it, as the startup’s founders and chief executive, Josh Bischoff, said in an interview.

The firm, based in New York, is the first and one of only three web hosting companies to be publicly listed.

Its founder, Bischon, said he and his co-founders have raised a total of $200,000 in capital.

They’re also going to spend $100 million on advertising, marketing, and technology, he said.

The new company’s mission is to build a new kind of cloud-hosting company that would provide customers with a more reliable and affordable way to host their websites.

Bischo said the company will use the money it raises to buy some of the company’s servers and build out a cloud-storage network that will store its own server software and its own hosting software.

“This is the new way to do it, which means the end product will be faster and easier,” he said in a statement.

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