Moon Web hosting gets new contract, gets $1M for hosting customers

Moon Web, the largest provider of web hosting to the U.S., said it will get $1 million in additional funding from the Federal Communications Commission and the U,S.

Department of Commerce to support its growth.

Moon Web said in a news release Monday that it is seeking $5 million in new funding from U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, a non-profit organization that advocates against discrimination in the telecommunications industry.

Moon will also receive $100,000 in grants from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the National Science Foundation.

Moon, based in San Diego, was founded in 2001.

It operates more than 200 U.K. sites and has about 3 million users.

It provides Web hosting to U.s. businesses and governments and hosts about 40,000 websites per month.

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