How to set up Azure Web Hosting for your site

Azure Web hosting is a new service that allows you to manage your website from a computer that’s not your own.

With the help of the Azure portal, you can create your own hosting accounts.

There are two options for setting up your own Azure account, and both require a bit of technical knowledge.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.1.

You can use your own server or host with Azure web hosting What you need: a computer running Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 What you’ll need: your computer running Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 How to: Log in to your account in Azure and choose the server you want to host on.

You’ll need a web server or other hosting software that runs on a Linux or MacOS server.

If you’re using a Linux server, you’ll also need the Linux distro.

The Azure portal allows you access to a wide range of Linux distros, so choose one that you think you’ll use.

If the web hosting software you’re choosing doesn’t work, you may need to manually install it and configure it.2.

You don’t need to buy a new hosting plan How to start: Choose the hosting account you want for the site you want your website to be hosted on, and then click Next.

This will take you to the section for creating your own account.

Choose the domain that you want the website to run on and click Next, and finally click Next to continue.

Choose an IP address for your new hosting account, then click Create.

You will then be asked to set a password for the account.

You do not need to set this password.3.

If your server runs Windows Server 2003, choose Server 2003 You will now be prompted to enter your server name, the IP address, and the domain name.

Choose a server name that you’ve chosen for your server.

Click Next to proceed.

You may be prompted for a domain name, so check that box and then choose a name.

When finished, you will see the name of your new Azure hosting account.4.

You need to select a domain controller (DC) to connect to How to choose a domain host: Choose a DC to host your website, and click Select to choose the host DC you want.

Select the server, domain controller, and host DCs that you selected when you started.

Click Create to start the server.

You are now connected to your server and the site.5.

Your new hosting host is running on Windows Server, but you can use an alternative Windows server to run your website How to use an alternate server: If you want a server to serve your website on, you must select an alternate Windows server for your website.

Click Start, type in the IP addresses of the servers you want serving your website as well as the domain names for each server.

Then click OK to save changes.

When you’re finished, your new server should appear.6.

You have added a web host to Azure You are then ready to begin hosting your website with the new hosting server.

The steps are the same as with any other hosting account created with Azure.

The only difference is that the new Azure account you created will only be accessible to the website.

You won’t be able to run any of your own websites on the new server.

If you are having trouble getting your new site running, you should review your hosting configuration before proceeding.

Make sure you’ve followed the steps in the Azure Security FAQ for your hosting account and that your site has a valid URL.

If your site is already on Azure, there are no additional steps you need, but your site should now work.

If not, you might need to modify your hosting settings to allow users to access your website through your Azure server.

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