How to host a temporary web host in Ireland

A temporary web hosting company in Ireland has told the Irish Independent that it is the worst provider of temporary web hosts in the country.

Dublin-based Web Hosting has provided web hosting services to over 1,300 customers since 2009.

It said it has been “busted” by the Irish Competition and Consumer Commission (CCAC) and will now be “busting” by its own commission.

Dubbed The Best, the company claims it has “a long and successful history” in the hosting industry.

However, the independent website said that despite having “baked the customer experience” into the company, “they are not able to offer an adequate level of service to customers” and “are not fit to operate as a business”.

“We have been told that the company is a one-man operation and that its only staff are staff of one,” it said.

“This is a significant complaint given that we have been in business for over five years and have worked with hundreds of customers.”

The Independent revealed that in 2017, the Commission was investigating claims that the “best and brightest” in Ireland were unable to deliver a “real and consistent” service.

In its response, Web Hostings said it was “extremely disappointed” with the commission’s investigation and the investigation into the firm’s operations.

“We are very disappointed by the Commission’s decision to conduct an investigation into us.

We have had a long and a successful history as a company and have never been investigated in this way,” it added.”

The fact that we were unable, on our own, to deliver the quality of services our customers expected and we have continually increased our level of services is a clear indication that the Commission has a lack of integrity.”

In 2018, the firm was ordered to pay $1.5m in fines after it was found to have “systematically and consistently” failed to deliver on its promises to customers.

However it was only fined $400,000 in 2017 and $400k in 2016, after it agreed to pay €1m in penalties.

In a statement, the Independent said the investigation was “not just about the money, but the credibility of our business and its ability to provide our customers with the highest level of quality of service”.

It said that in its initial report, it found that “a number of customers” were not satisfied with the company’s performance.

However in a letter dated July 1, 2019, the Irish ISP said it had made a number of improvements to its business practices and practices within the last year, including reducing staff and expanding its service range to meet the increasing demand for web hosting.

Web Hosting said that it was also looking at whether to close its Irish operations.

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