A web host who refused to provide my domain name is now facing a lawsuit

A web hosting company is facing a federal lawsuit in the United States over its refusal to hand over a web host’s domain name to the FBI.

The case against the hosting company, called The Internet Hosting Association (IHA), alleges the company failed to protect the privacy of its customers when it refused to disclose the personal information of its users in the wake of a ransomware attack.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, California on Friday by a group of people including two former government employees.

The suit is the latest legal blow to web hosting companies over the ongoing fallout from the ransomware attack that infected more than 2,000 sites across the world.

IHA declined to comment on the lawsuit, but said in a statement that it was “committed to ensuring that we have strong cybersecurity protocols in place.”

A web hosting provider named RedFlatNet was also forced to shut down in May after the FBI demanded the host turn over the domain name of one of its hosts.

RedFlotNet was one of several web hosting providers that refused to turn over a domain name because it did not comply with the FBI request.

It was the second time RedFlattNet has faced legal action by the FBI over its compliance with the request.

Last year, the FBI sued a web hosting firm for refusing to hand OverPrivateInternetAccess.com’s domain over to the agency.

RedflatNet refused to hand it over, saying that it would be subject to litigation if it did.IHA, which was founded in 2014, was also the first to publicly disclose the ransomware attacks, in a blog post that outlined the scope of the attacks.

“The scope of these attacks is staggering,” IHA said in its blog post.

“Ransomware attacks that have been going on for months and months are now affecting thousands of sites, and the threat is growing exponentially. 

We have not been able to stop these attacks, but we can do more.

We have no choice.”

The group of plaintiffs also includes a woman who was an FBI agent during the attacks and was an employee of RedFlottem.com.

Iha has not yet named the woman in the suit.

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