MoonWeb hosting launches ‘Moon Hosting’ for hosting fatcow,, cloudflare, nginx, php7.2, WordPress, WordPress theme, web hoster

MoonWeb Hosting, a new web hosting service, announced Monday that it will offer its clients the option of hosting their web content on a dedicated server using a new, low-cost platform called MoonHosting.

This will enable them to host and other popular sites using their own servers, which are typically more expensive than the servers that are available on traditional hosting services, the service said in a blog post.

This new option will provide them with the same performance as the dedicated servers that they use on their own websites.

MoonHostings server costs around $200 a month, with a two-year warranty, the blog post said.

MoonWeb’s server software will be free for customers who sign up for the service.

Moon Web Hosting said the server cost will be roughly $1 per month per site.

Moonhosting offers a variety of cloud services that are designed to speed up your website’s load.

Its services include LightSpeed Cloud, a cloud-based hosting service that is popular among content creators and other organizations that use cloud-computing technologies to host their sites, MoonHosts said.

It also offers a “web hosting bundle” that is designed to bring you the same speed and ease of use as an existing website, MoonWeb said.

These services are not available on MoonWeb itself.

Moon Hosting also offers for a $100 monthly fee, which is paid as a subscription to the Moon site.

The company said customers who use the bundle will have access to its full suite of web hosting services for free, but will have to pay additional fees for additional services and other add-ons.

Moon’s service offers a one-time payment of $50 per month for a one year subscription to Moon Host’s cloud hosting service and for an additional one-year subscription to its web hosting bundle. is a cloud hosting company that has raised $1.8 billion in funding from investors including Accel Partners, Accel Ventures, Intel Capital, Google Ventures, SoftBank Ventures, Yahoo Ventures, and others.

The Moon Host is owned by the Moon Group, a Japanese investment company.

Moon hosts many popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Dropbox.

It has raised more than $200 million in funding.

Moonweb said that it is launching its new service at a time when its competitors are starting to compete with Moon.

Web hosting providers are increasingly adopting low-priced cloud services and offering higher-quality hosting for their users, which in turn are driving down the price of web-hosting services.

Moon has more than 80,000 active sites and has more sites than all but 10 companies listed on the SaaS (software-as-a-service) market.

Moon also has more users than Facebook, the largest social networking platform in the world, which has more.

Moon is one of a growing number of cloud-hosted companies that have come out with affordable web hosting solutions, said in its blog post announcing the launch of its new platform.

Moon says its service is aimed at people who are interested in hosting their content online but who don’t want to pay extra to get access to a dedicated web server, as well as those who want to make use of cloud computing services such as Dropbox or Google Cloud Platform.

The blog post also says that its new hosting package will cost about $1 a month per website.

Moon host is one company that will offer premium-quality servers and offers a cloud service that includes the Moon Web hosting package for free.

Moon hosted an online auction last week for the first phase of its hosting service.

Its new hosting service will be available for $50 a month and for a year, with an additional $50 monthly fee.

Moon web hosting is available to users who sign a free account and pay $2.99 for each month they have the account, the blog post states.

This is the first time a cloud storage service has offered free hosting to its customers, Moon Host said in the post.

Moon hosting also offers other popular hosting services.

Its service is designed for people who need a cloud backup service, which it also offers, Moon web host said.

The service is free for one year and is compatible with other cloud-storage providers such as Amazon S3 and Dropbox, Moon host said in this blog post, which was published Sunday.

Moon cloud service also offers services for business and home users, and, which Moon has partnered with to offer cloud hosting to consumers, will offer a one time payment of around $50 for a single month of cloud hosting, Moon hosts said.

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