How to set up a static web hosting for your business

A static website is the ideal solution for any web host to host a website.

A static site can be the ideal option for a website hosting company if you want to host all the website content on one platform, without having to worry about data migration or hosting of the site.

But, it can also be a problem if you have some sites that you have to manage and do a lot of data migrations on a regular basis.

This is when static hosting can become a problem.

This article will show you how to set a static website up in your business with a few tips to make it work and still allow you to do your job at home.1.

Start with a minimum of 2 websites with different content 2.

Set up a minimum number of webpages on each website 3.

Create a template to host your website with 4.

Use a static database for your static website 5.

Create and customize your site layout with different tabs 6.

Use some static media to create a dynamic website 7.

Choose a hosting plan that will keep you company running efficiently 8.

Create the template that hosts your website on a static server 9.

Use dynamic media to generate a dynamic site 10.

Add a web page to the static site.


Start hosting your static site with a custom web page 12.

Make the static website work well with your website or website hosting service 13.

Configure your static web host for a different platform.

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