When it comes to security, security comes first: The web hosting industry

The web’s biggest players have been slow to take on the threat of malware.

But what about the web’s users?

The security landscape has been changing quickly.

In 2013, the world was reeling from the ransomware attack on the Sony Pictures Entertainment servers.

In 2015, hackers broke into the servers of the German government.

Now, cyber criminals are targeting the world’s largest web hosting providers.

According to security firm Arnet, a staggering 75% of web hosting companies surveyed by security firm ThreatConnect are facing ransomware attacks.

Many of these attacks have become much more sophisticated and sophisticated in nature, and the attackers are targeting cloud-hosting providers, hosting providers and other platforms.


the report, 68% of hosting providers surveyed said they were in the midst of ransomware attacks and more than half of these hosting providers have been hit with ransomware in the last two years.

Some of these companies have also had to shut down services.

The report said the vast majority of hosting companies are not adequately protecting their users.

Some are taking advantage of weak security measures to lure users into ransomware-based attacks.

In other cases, the attackers have been caught stealing data from the hosts that the attackers use.

In some cases, there are even reports of malicious malware being installed on the hosts themselves.

Many of these sites have also seen their user data stolen.

In a statement, Arnet said, “The vast majority (63%) of hosting platforms surveyed reported that the malware used to steal user data and personal information is not used by the hosting platform and has not been used in the past.”

The company also said that of the 632 hosting companies that responded to the survey, only 38% had implemented anti-malware technology.

Asking for a ransom, which is how the criminals are using the ransomware, has become common.

When the attack began, it was reported that some of the victims were paid around $300 for their data.

Arnet believes this amount is far too low.

According, the company also found that the ransomware has been downloaded more than 150 million times.

According to ThreatConnect, the ransomware was downloaded by more than 1.3 billion users in the first 24 hours of its release.

As of November 20, 2016, Arne Rieger, vice president of research at Arnet told TechCrunch that the threat landscape has evolved significantly.

“As security awareness has grown, the threat actors have been able to use this new knowledge to target smaller companies and large enterprises.

The more you take security seriously, the better your chances are of getting the help you need,” he said.”

The threat landscape is becoming increasingly complex, so it’s important to pay attention to how to protect yourself.”

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