What you need to know about the new dallas Web hosting deal

Atlanta Web hosting is now the latest big name to offer its customers hosting at a discounted price, according to a new report.

The company announced on Monday that it is partnering with the DFW Airport to offer hosting at an undisclosed discounted rate at its main offices in the airport.

The Atlanta-based company said in a blog post that it will offer hosting in Atlanta, Dallas, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Atlanta is currently home to the airport’s newest airport, and it is a prime location for large airports.

Atlanta has a strong reputation for hosting big-name tech companies, including Facebook and Google, so the new deal with DFW should boost the company’s prospects for growth.

The announcement came less than a month after it was revealed that the D.C. airport will offer free web hosting for people who have visited the U.S. on a business visa, meaning anyone from outside the U, D.S., or Canada can get an internet connection.

The city is also home to a major data center and is currently in the process of moving to a 100 percent renewable energy model.

The new partnership with D.F.T. comes on the heels of a new deal that the company struck with Darpa, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is working on cloud computing and other computing technologies.

Darpas goal is to build “an open cloud-based computing platform that can deliver the fastest, most scalable computing and analytics to the world.”

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