‘This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen’: Trump to blame for ‘unfair’ Internet lawsuit

President Donald Trump is being sued by the conservative organization FreedomWorks, which is accusing him of taking advantage of the lawsuit to silence a conservative blogger who has been pushing back against the president’s controversial immigration policies.

Trump, who has frequently cited FreedomWorks in the past, sent a cease and desist letter to the conservative advocacy group on Thursday, alleging that the website was “an illegal and unlawful attempt to harass, threaten and silence my critics.”

Trump said in a statement that he would appeal the lawsuit.

“FreedomWorks and its leader, Markos Moulitsas, have been attacking me for years with baseless accusations and lies about my campaign for President.

They have a long record of making false and defamatory statements about me and my family,” Trump said.

“I intend to vigorously defend FreedomWorks and all of its clients in this lawsuit.”

“As the President has repeatedly stated, FreedomWorks is a ‘fraud’ and a ‘disgrace.'” “

They have been trying to silence and harass me for more than a year, including by using every tool at their disposal,” Trump wrote.

“As the President has repeatedly stated, FreedomWorks is a ‘fraud’ and a ‘disgrace.'”

In his response to Trump’s letter, Freedomworks president Matt Kibbe said that Trump’s claims about the website were “false, baseless and defaming.”

He added that Trump has never used his platform to threaten FreedomWorks’ business.

“It’s a disgrace that a president who wants to be the most powerful person in the world would take a lawsuit against FreedomWorks as a platform to do so,” Kibbee said.

Trump’s threats against Freedomworks are particularly troubling given that FreedomWorks was a top donor to Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

FreedomWorks has given Trump more than $9 million over the years, and FreedomWorks donors are also among his top backers in the White House.

Freedomworks gave Trump $5.7 million in 2016, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The lawsuit alleges that Mousitsas and Freedomworks violated Trump’s First Amendment rights and the law.

The suit alleges that Freedomworks was acting as a “publicity agency” for Trump, including publishing his name, the president and the website.

Freedom Works also was “unfairly and unlawfully” using FreedomWorks website to solicit contributions and advertise the website, according the lawsuit, which also alleges that Trump had the right to sue Moulitssas for defamation.

Moulivesas is also a former senior adviser to Trump and a longtime confidant of the president, Kibbbee said in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

Mousitsses did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

In a statement, Freedom Works said it would be reviewing the letter and would respond to the President’s legal request.

“In the wake of these baseless claims, we are working to protect the integrity of our campaign and to hold our clients accountable,” FreedomWorks said.

Freedom works was founded by Thomas J. Mowers, a former aide to former President Ronald Reagan.

In recent years, Freedom works has been at the center of a controversy over what it describes as an effort by conservative organizations to influence the election.

In January, a group of more than 100 conservative advocacy groups and groups representing businesses, including some of the country’s largest tech companies, launched a joint effort to help elect Republican Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas, who was up for re-election in a special election in which Pryor was the Democrat candidate.

Pryor, a longtime ally of the Kochs, has repeatedly praised the president.

But a group called Americans for Prosperity, which has been involved in a number of political efforts, announced that it would end its efforts after Pryor lost his bid for realty.

The group, which backed Republican Sen.-elect Doug Jones, the first African American to win a U.S. Senate race in Alabama in nearly a decade, had been using Freedom Works as a tool to pressure Democrats on economic issues.

In an interview earlier this month with The Associated Press, Mowers said he thought the group’s tactics were unfair, but he had not seen the lawsuit and had no knowledge of the group and its motivations.

Moulsas said he had nothing to do with the group until the lawsuit against him was filed and that the lawsuit did not reflect the work he did with the president at the White Senate.

“He was not my boss.

I was never a campaign manager,” Moulsis said.

Mobses is no stranger to legal action.

He is one of the leading opponents of California’s Proposition 187, a measure that bans people from wearing face masks while on the job.

Mophitsas was the co-founder of the anti-mask movement and has been the face of a successful

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