Microsoft pushes back against FCC ruling on Web hosting

Microsoft has responded to the FCC’s ruling that it has the right to restrict web hosting services in the United States.

The ruling came out on Tuesday when the FCC ruled that Microsoft cannot impose restrictions on web hosting providers to protect the safety and security of customers.

The FCC said the companies can’t restrict the providers’ ability to provide services, such as hosting websites, or to use their networks to transmit or receive data over their networks.

The companies argued that this regulation would impose costs on them and would discourage them from expanding.

In a statement, Microsoft said the company is pleased with the FCC decision and its importance to consumers.

The company said that its services and apps, including its Outlook and OneDrive products, are hosted by a number of providers and that its own network is not subject to these restrictions.

Microsoft said that these are the services and applications that customers use when using Windows Server.

Microsoft also said it does not support any type of cloud service or platform that limits or blocks a customer’s ability to use Windows Server and other Microsoft services.

The statement added that Microsoft does not believe it is necessary for its services to be subject to the same restrictions that the FCC imposed on Microsoft’s services.

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