Jio web hostalar web hosting bill,web hostalaring invoice

A Jio hosting company said on Wednesday that it has filed a claim for €1.3 million in VAT to help pay for an emergency payment of the bill.

The payment was made in October this year and the company is seeking to recover some €1,000,000 in VAT.

The claim is against the Jio network, it said in a statement.

Jio said the payment was to cover the cost of a restructuring of the company that was necessary because of the “disastrous state of our business”.

A spokesperson said the company did not provide a breakdown of what the company has paid in VAT and the amount of VAT due to the restructuring.

The statement did not identify the company or the restructuring company.

The VAT claim was filed with the Irish High Court on Monday, it added.

Jiobon, the parent company of Jio, said it has a “long history” of delivering “high quality internet services” for Irish customers.

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