Moon web hosting to close its doors as it focuses on hosting for the web

Moon web hosts Moon Web hosting has announced that it will close its online business due to “significant costs and difficulties” and is moving to a new site for its customers.

MoonWeb, which was launched in 2014, is one of the largest hosting providers for the Java platform, and was among the first to host the Java-based in 2014.

However, MoonWeb was forced to shut down after the release of its open source software for hosting and for hosting Joomlabs and Joomleaks in 2015.

Now, it plans to move to an alternative hosting platform for its own clients.

“We want to take the next step and be more responsive to our customers’ needs, which are the same for all web hosts,” said MoonWeb co-founder and CEO Yifan Li.

“Our customers are happy with the platform and the products, but they are not satisfied with Moon Web’s current pricing structure and its lack of innovation.”

The move will not affect MoonWeb’s customers who are still able to access their website from the existing website.

“In the coming days we will work hard to make Moon Web the best hosting platform we can be,” said Li.

Moon Web is not the first website hosting provider to close down in recent years.

Last year, Moon Web shut down its web hosting business after the closure of its business to focus on, a competitor.

“After Moon Web started, there was a lot of pressure on us,” said Yu Zhang, CEO of Joomelabs, which runs Joomlinks and Jomapapers.

“Moon Web’s business model is similar to a traditional web host.

The company is still profitable, but the competition is not as strong.”

As part of the move, will become the new hosting platform of the new MoonWeb and will be the official site for

MoonWongs is currently one of China’s biggest web hosting providers.

“The move is a natural step for Moon Web to consolidate its services,” said Sun Han, an online content and content management platform and founder of the popular blog “Lioning” in Beijing.

“However, we are waiting to see the impact of this move on the existing customer base and the growth of JWL.

This will be very important for us, as the Moon Web platform has the potential to grow tremendously.”

Sun said that MoonWeb has already begun to invest in new products and services.

“It’s hard to find a single web host that can provide our customers with the best web hosting,” he said.

“As a result, we hope Moon Web will be able to continue its expansion and build a successful business.”

The Moon Web announcement comes as the Chinese government continues to tighten restrictions on the use of social media, and the government has banned some sites from using the web to post on the platforms of popular social media accounts such as Weibo, WeChat, Weixin, and Weibo QQ.

As part a plan to tighten the web censorship, the government also recently launched an initiative to shut internet service providers in China from blocking or throttling websites.

The government has also made it illegal to distribute pornographic content.

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