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How to build a super low-cost super low latency web hosting cluster with a single machine

With web hosting becoming increasingly popular and the demand for affordable, high-performance web hosting growing, the web hosting market is starting to take off.This article is a look at how to build the perfect web hosting infrastructure for the new super low cost web hosting community.In this article, we’ll look at the following key points:How […]

Liquid Web Hosting Is Now Available at NewTek WebHosting

Liquid web hosting is now available at Newtek WebHostings, a cloud hosting provider that also offers virtual servers, servers with a web server, virtual servers with storage and more.The service is billed at $20/month for two users, which means that you can get a decent amount of web hosting with a couple of bucks.It also […]

How to install a new server at home

NEW YORK — A host of services and solutions are being touted as a way to cut costs, increase efficiency and increase your online security, and the most popular are hosted on the cloud.But there are risks, including potential data breaches and a host of risks associated with hosting on a cloud platform.Here’s how to […]

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