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MoonWeb hosting launches ‘Moon Hosting’ for hosting fatcow, moon.com, cloudflare, nginx, php7.2, WordPress, WordPress theme, web hoster

MoonWeb Hosting, a new web hosting service, announced Monday that it will offer its clients the option of hosting their web content on a dedicated server using a new, low-cost platform called MoonHosting.This will enable them to host fatcow.com and other popular sites using their own servers, which are typically more expensive than the servers […]

Which is the best web hosting service for a beginner?

With a new season coming up, we’re taking a look at which web hosting provider is the most convenient for beginners.The most popular web hosting services out there offer different types of hosting, with some offering hosting at a reasonable price, while others offer a premium pricing that can be as expensive as $5,000 a […]

How to get the latest web hosting info in a flash

Hosting companies are scrambling to find ways to keep their online presence updated with new versions of Microsoft’s hosting services, as new versions come out that offer higher uptime and more secure configurations.In a blog post Friday, Microsoft announced that it will soon start offering a free tier of Internet hosting for users with limited […]

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