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MoonWeb hosting launches ‘Moon Hosting’ for hosting fatcow, moon.com, cloudflare, nginx, php7.2, WordPress, WordPress theme, web hoster

MoonWeb Hosting, a new web hosting service, announced Monday that it will offer its clients the option of hosting their web content on a dedicated server using a new, low-cost platform called MoonHosting.This will enable them to host fatcow.com and other popular sites using their own servers, which are typically more expensive than the servers […]

How Pantheon Hosts Your Data on Cloud, Open Source and Web Platforms

Hosting your data on Cloud and Open Source means you can move it anywhere on the web.That’s the philosophy behind Pantheon, a hosting platform for hosting data and other content.Pantheon is a free service, but you’ll need an AWS account to get started.The service includes a number of cloud-based hosting options.Pantheons hosting options include: Amazon […]

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