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Hosting companies can charge you for hosting services with online billing, lawsuit claims

The host of an online video service is claiming in a lawsuit that the companies behind it don’t have to pay any commission for their hosting services.The suit, filed Monday in California state court, claims that in addition to the hosting charges, a variety of charges, including hosting, storage, and administration fees, have been added […]

Liquid Web Hosting Is Now Available at NewTek WebHosting

Liquid web hosting is now available at Newtek WebHostings, a cloud hosting provider that also offers virtual servers, servers with a web server, virtual servers with storage and more.The service is billed at $20/month for two users, which means that you can get a decent amount of web hosting with a couple of bucks.It also […]

How to rent an apartment on the cheap – 10 things you should know

Renting an apartment is one of the best ways to reduce your monthly bills and it is one way to save money and help you save money.But first, let’s discuss how to find a good place to rent.What are you looking for?There are a variety of options, but there are some key factors to look […]

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