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What’s New in Amazon Web Services 5.0?

Amazon Web Service (AWS) 5.1, Amazon CloudFront 5.2, and Amazon Lambda 5.3 are all now available for download.The new versions of AWS have a number of improvements, such as an enhanced API for deploying and scaling large systems, a better way to manage your AWS account and a new dashboard for accessing and configuring your […]

How to get the latest web hosting info in a flash

Hosting companies are scrambling to find ways to keep their online presence updated with new versions of Microsoft’s hosting services, as new versions come out that offer higher uptime and more secure configurations.In a blog post Friday, Microsoft announced that it will soon start offering a free tier of Internet hosting for users with limited […]

How to set up an internet cafe in your home and office with an iPad

If you live in the United Kingdom and want to get a web cafe setup in your living room or office, you can use the FreeIPA app from Apple, Google Play, and Amazon.You can also install the Freeipa app on an iPad and access your personal information through it, as long as it is not […]

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