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BlueHost web hosting for home and business, vps, vpc and vps cloud hosting

The web hosting company BlueHost, which provides hosting for a wide range of platforms including WordPress, Drupal, WordPress.com, Joomla!, Zendesk, Drupal.com and many others, has raised $5.4 million to expand its services in Israel and the US, the company said.¬†BlueHost has a network of over 1,000 web hosting companies, which it said have been “highly […]

Amazon web hosting lets you keep your website on the Internet (with no ads)

A web hosting provider called Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making hosting a lot easier than ever.In the past, web hosting was a daunting, and sometimes expensive, process, requiring multiple licenses, multiple servers, and dozens of computers to run a website.Now, you can just register your website to AWS and it will automatically install a […]

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