Simple Web Hosting, Hosting Service for Your Next Startup

In the past, hosting providers have focused on building out the infrastructure and making the sites work as well as the software.The internet, however, has changed a lot since those days, and there are plenty of new ways to host websites.There’s a lot of room for hosting to take on other roles, such as providing […]

Amazon web hosting lets you keep your website on the Internet (with no ads)

A web hosting provider called Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making hosting a lot easier than ever.In the past, web hosting was a daunting, and sometimes expensive, process, requiring multiple licenses, multiple servers, and dozens of computers to run a website.Now, you can just register your website to AWS and it will automatically install a […]

A look at the costs of hosting a website on Amazon’s Simple Hosting service

A new report from The American Conservatives details the cost of hosting websites using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the fact that it’s really a free service.The report, which was conducted by the Internet Association, a trade group for online infrastructure providers, found that using Amazon’s free service was far more expensive than it would […]

The new web hosting provider has been making waves, but who can access the best data?

A new online data company, The Cloudfront, has come out with a free, online data portal for anyone interested in finding the best web hosting for their business.The CloudFront data is hosted by cloud hosting provider Cloudfront.It offers data that is accessible through Google Analytics, which can be viewed by anyone from anyone who has […]

New Dhaka web hosting provider gets $10M deal

Blackpool web host company BlueHost announced Thursday that it has signed a deal to acquire the BlueHost brand for an undisclosed amount.The $10 million purchase price includes an unspecified amount of BlueHost stock, according to a statement on the Bluehost website.The deal is subject to customary closing conditions, the statement said.The deal includes BlueHost as […]

New York web hosting provider AABACO announces layoffs, a plan to reduce staff

The online host of popular web services like Netflix and Spotify, AABaco, has announced it will be cutting back to 3,000 employees, to cut costs, and focus on growing the business and helping its customers.AABacos parent company AAB Networks said in a blog post that it has cut its payroll by 100 people.It said that […]

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